Why am I here?

Writing a children’s book; a desire in my heart since I was young…which now seems to have unexpectedly crept into my brain too. Putting pen to paper to write the ‘most helpful, inspiring, adventurous and fun children’s book possible’ seemed a tad daunting so I decided to do two simple things to help me begin.

  1. Start writing a blog about it. Why?
  • So that I can see some actual words flow onto paper
  • Because I would like to enjoy the journey, a blog should help me do this.
  • If I say publicly that I am going to write a book, then I pretty much have to.

2. Involve some super cool people to help me.

  • My Son, Rowan
  • My God Daughter, Elsie

I was totally buzzing about the thought of my two favourite young people helping me, so launched the idea to Ro.

Me: ‘Ro, would you like to help me create some adventurous and awesome characters for my first children’s book.’

Ro, ‘Errrrm, maybe. As long as I don’t have to do any ACTUAL writing Mum.’

Brilliant. I will take that as a resounding yes then. I am yet to pose the same question to Elsie but am hopeful of a similarly enthusiastic response.

So, writing a kick ass children’s book is the aim. In fact, if I am honest, writing a series of children’s books for primary aged kids is my secret dream, I am just too scared to tell anyone right now. I may fail, they may be absolutely crap and people may laugh, but I am doing it anyway and documenting every moment of joy, embarrassment and frustration here.

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