Pen to paper

So, last week was a fairly big week. I put ‘pen to paper’ in a couple of different ways.

  1. I clicked ‘launch’ on my website and blog
  2. I had my first ‘writing session’ with my wise God Daughter, Elsie

When I approached Elsie about writing a kids book she made a face that said, ‘Aunty Trout, I am not sure either you or I are capable of a feat so grand as writing a kid’s book’ (her mother’s nickname for me when I was 20 was trout pout, sadly it stuck).

< This is the face

Undeterred, I heeded the advice of the great Al Humphreys of ‘Doorstep Mile’ fame (read it, it’s bloody brilliant) and broke it down into small steps.

‘Our first task is to think of some cracking characters.’ I enthused.

‘Can I call mine Ellie?’ was her first response. Yes you lovely girl, you can name it after your amazing mum. Even though most of the time you make her life pretty tricky and say that you dislike her (other, select words used sometimes) I can see how much you utterly idolise her. I OBVIOUSLY didn’t say that to her as she would have slammed the laptop shut and huffed off in her highly practised pre-teen way.

Lesson one of writing a book about kids, with kids, is that it will be an emotional ride. I think I am going to learn a lot from this.

Soooo, I also launched a website and blog on the same day. Not a problem!

I felt deeply sick as I clicked the launch button. It felt a little like I was bearing my soul on some level. Yes, I have been a coach, people leader and worked in education for years but I have never really shouted about my work publicly. I have also never shared my lifelong desire to write a kid’s book with anyone. Ever.

After I clicked launch it felt like a wave of joy and euphoria actually. I whacked on some 80’s power ballads, cooked some amazing food and celebrated a moment of realisation that I can do the things I want, I just have to believe in myself and take a risk.

I think the book is basically finished now! It feels like a bloody good start anyway.

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