Collaboration across the Nation

This week has been all about collaboration (across the nation… son loves saying that in a carribean accent, try it, it sounds amazing!)

Anyway, collaboration…. I have been working across different projects at a rate of knots at TMR; packing and shifting the shop to a new fulfilment house with my mate Nic, working on numbers to plan the next 18 months and collaborating with our interns to set them off on the right path to learn some brilliant skills.

I was also lucky enough to get out for a SUP and a wild swim microadventure with Nic and her lovely son too.

How is that collaboration then Jo?

Well, the kids have been learning at home for nearly 4 months and honestly, even though I am a trained teacher, I do not have super human powers and cannot keep a child interested 24/7 for 4 months.

I bow down to those who can.

Fortunately Nic’s son and Ro get on like a house on fire; they kept each other happy and giggling for 3 whole blissful hours.

That’s collaboration right there people! Can you tell how happy I am to see my boy full of joy (AFTER the shock of leaping in to fairly ‘chilly’ water)

I got the chance to have another micro adventure with my boys; exploring the sculpture trail at the Forest of Dean, finding frogs, holding frogs ‘first time EVER mum!’ and then some MTB coaching from my other half. Learning, learning, learning…I love it. Then we took delivery of my Bivvy bag ready for wild camping adventures in a few weeks with brilliant friends, I cannot wait.

My final collaboration for the week was with a truly astonishing 7 year old that I taught in my reception class. I let her know that I am writing a book and would like her wise thoughts on it.

She arrived for our coffee and a milkshake catch up armed with her own book that she had written and illustrated.

I was BLOWN AWAY. Her writing was creative and so beautifully put down onto paper. She had taken time and care and was so very proud to show off her handiwork.

She asked me to read my book to her. I would normally (nervously) read out a few lines under my breathe and rush onto another topic. She had shown me I should be proud of my work and that I should share it with the world. So I read it loud and proud, lesson learned.

Her Mum loved the book and she LOVED the fact that her name appeared in the book too. But I am not going to lie, she liked the bit about farts best. Always a winner in any kids book it seems…

She is an amazing artist, so spotting another cheeky collab opportunity I asked if she could draw an illustration for chapter 2 of the book. She sat, focused and reflective for 20 mins and drew the most wonderful and detailed illustration. Check out her skills!

I received 2 amazing gifts from this young person today. I feel pretty blessed tbh.

What I have LOVED: Collaboration as it broadens your mind and experiences. Spending time with kids – they fill my heart with joy. Reading some cracking books and sharing them with the world and having mini adventures and some MTB coaching with my boys.

What I haven’t loved – overwhelm at the changes the easing of lockdown has brought, a pretty manic working week and my other half getting up and going to the loo EVERY morning at 4 or 5am and me not being able to get back to sleep. 1st world problem, I know, but a problem nonetheless.

Two books about adventure for adults to recommend this week.

1. Salt on my Skin by an honest and courageous Orkney lady called Sarah Kennedy Norquoy. She started sea swimming around the same time as her mum had a diagnosis of dementia. A moving story of the healing powers of the sea for both mind and body. I read this in two days, I simply couldn’t put it down.

2. Beyond limits by Lowri Morgan. A strong Welsh athlete and TV presenter lead sus through her life in a warm and engaging way. Helping us to understand that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. A brilliant way to experience a ton of adventures without leaving your armchair.

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