Other people reading the book? I don’t think so…

A week of holiday in Scotland and some super busy times with work have meant a bit of a delay on the blog, but it was all worth it. Some amazing adventures (SUP, Wild Swimming, Running, Mountain Bike Riding, Fishing(!!) and camp stove cooking) with my boys in Scotland and some really heart-filling, grown up conversations with our son gave me the focus to come home, work hard and make some more progress on ‘work, work’, the book and other exciting things.

Just before we went to Scotland (can’t type it without thinking of my son’s amazing fake Scottish accent) I had the nerve wracking task of having a photo shoot done for the blog, book stuff and coaching stuff. I have very little self confidence with things like this; I was worried about frog face, sweaty armpits, double chins, looking like a fool or just generally being a minger.

Fortunately I was rescued by my legendary photographer friend Gemma Brunton. She made the day so relaxed, and created and captured moments so beautifully. She did at one point say, ‘Tuck your tummy in’ which made me smile and reminded me to eat less croissants beforehand (12 is too many hey?) 🙂 Funnily enough that smiley moment gave us one of our best pics of the day, nice work Gem! Have a look at some pics below and check her out at: http://www.gemmabrunton.co.uk/

When we came back from Scotland it was straight into work with This Mum Runs and then a couple of days this week of time for the book, blog and coaching stuff. A totally joyous combo.

I set myself the task this year to find out what makes people adventurous. I have a vested interest in helping people progress: in work, through coaching, in schools and in life for my son and partner. I think a big part of helping people progress is understanding how they can be more adventurous. Not really, ‘Climb Mount Everest naked’ or ‘Walk to the North Pole using only the power lemons to propel you’ type adventurous, but things that push you out of your comfort zone, perhaps in the outdoors or maybe in general life.

I pondered how I could find out how people become more adventurous. Well, I love chatting to people, so I thought I may as well just find some adventurous people to chat too and understand why they became adventurous.


I then honed this down to adventurous women. Largely because, traditionally, culturally, historically, however you want to put it, women have been seen (by some) as less adventurous than men. Off I went, asked about a bit, selected some adventurous ladies that I knew, created some questions and booked in the dates. Simple when you think about it…big plans with small steps.

My first ‘victim’ was the amazing Michelle Ellison, adventurer, amazing human who is very generous with her time.

I knew right at the start that this was going to be a brilliant and useful conversation when Michelle said, ‘What the world thinks about adventure is different to what individuals think adventure is and that’s the key. It’s personal’ Perhaps you can tell how excited I was to have a cuppa and a natter with Michelle…hand gestures a go-go. More useful thoughts from her and other adventurous ladies coming over the next few months.

All of this excitement in the last 3 weeks spurred me on to do another edit of the book and then, excitingly, ping it across to some kind and caring friends to feedback on. It took me 2 days to pluck the courage up to send it, but I remembered my fav mantra, ‘Nobody will die’ Not the most positive slant to put on things but nonetheless, it helped me click send to 4 of my friends. Let’s see what they say shall we????

I have LOVED: Breaking big plans down into small steps, taking the plunge even when I am scared, adventures with my boys, simplicity of a life when you can’t travel far, grown up conversations with my son, working with amazingly talented peeps like Gemma, chatting to adventurous women.

I have LOVED LESS: Missing my boy this week when he is at his Dad’s house, having to deal with some wierdo, beardo judgemental people.

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