Awesome Women

This weekend I was lucky enough to join 9 amazing women on the Awesome Women’s retreat run by 3 amazing and inspiring women Jane, Lorna and Carrie-Ann (check them out, the work they do is so important). I nearly didn’t make it…..waiting for negative covid test results for my son, a tricky ex-husband and other life joys all reared their ugly heads at just the wrong moment.

I try to invest in my development (and in my soul really) regularly; I want to be the best Head of People, best coach, best mum, best partner and best ‘me’ that I can be. I had booked this weekend 9 months ago, so when the stars all finally aligned, the negative covid test came through and I was on the road towards the retreat I did a massive cry. Sometimes you don’t know how much you want and need something until it finally happens hey!?

We arrived to meet the 3 amazing women who were running the show, a goody bag (with new notebook, you know how I love a new notebook right!?) and a bubbling hot tub. What more can you ask for?

I met 9 incredible women, who, like me want to be the very best they can be. We delved into our hearts and minds, listened, supported and challenged each other, drunk A LOT of bubbles and ate A LOT of amazing food. All of us came away feeling energised, ready to conquer the world and ready to be our best selves.

Biggest lesson learned this weekend? Female tribes are bloody brilliant! Invest in yourself and your tribe – you only get one of these lives, you should live it to the full and give yourself the gift of time and support whenever you can.

I want to do a shout out to these awesome women and recommend you go and check out what they are doing. They are all truly AWESOME.

Gemma Brunton Photography

Lynne Ruddick – Ripple Rebels SUP coaching

and Lynne Ruddick again…Lose your bottle (Environmental organisation)

Sarah Reaves Town – Sankalpa Yoga

Jenny Maynard – Boho Bride Guide

Liz Price – Full Frame Coach

Alix Coleby – Core Stories Yoga

Eleanor Aldridge – Fearless transformations and Mummatoad blog

Nikki Hadcroft – Mindfulness and Rapid Transformation Therapy

Steph Heck – Kew Pilates

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