^^^^ Some of the ways I have celebrated this week ^^^^

I am dropping by to let out some of the emotions I have been feeling over the last couple of weeks.

I launched the first ‘Find Your Flow’ weekend for women to the public last week. My feelings started off with deep excitement…’I know these weekends can make a massive difference to women who are just like me.’

‘I know that this weekend could be potentially life changing and could give other women some of the joy, growth and freedom I have been lucky enough to have over the last 5 or 6 years.’

This voice inside my head quickly turned to…… “Now Jo, no one is going to be interested, no one will want to come along, you won’t even fill 1 space out of the 6….how embarrassing it will be!’

The voice just kept getting louder and louder….

I think that voice comes from learned behaviours that we have in life, perhaps a dodgy past relationship, perhaps being bullied at school and perhaps a little bit of self protection by our own brains so that if something bad does happen, we are prepared for it.

I did a cry when the first ‘Find Your Flow’ email enquiry bounced into my mailbox, followed by another and another….what on earth was happening!!

Turns out, these were all women just like me, who needed a bit of time to focus on themselves and realise who they are and what they want. They also want to bond with other women on the mountain bike trails and in the shared experience of life coaching.

My feelings the turned first to relief then to joy and then to an incredible warm feeling of confidence right in my chest – my heart I guess. No matter how many big roles you have held or how successful people perceive you to be, there is always that nagging lizard voice warning you to be careful.

4 of the 6 places are now taken within a week of them being released, all of them by AWESOME women who are going to achieve wonderful things together. I am glowing, buzzing and super excited about the weekend and the change it could hold in store for these wonderful women.

I am also grateful that I can add a new learned behaviour to the bank – confidence that the path I have chosen for me is right and that I am good at what I do. I hope I can support other women to feel that too.

Off for a wine…..a big one.


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