Imperfect adventures

Perfect isn’t a word that we use in our house. In fact we avoid it like the plague. Why?


  • Perfection means different things to different people
  • Perfection is a tiny window of opportunity that rules out the other fun stuff that imperfection can bring
  • Perfection is a key contributor to the wave of low self esteem and judging oneself against an unachievable goal

Twice, the amazing @mummatoad and I have trained for our Isle of Wight Ultra Marathon and twice it has been postponed. We decided to go ahead and do our own version this weekend. It was the original planned date for the ‘perfect’ race this year.

There were a few things that weren’t quite ‘perfect’ about this plan.

  • It wasn’t going to be on the Isle of Wight
  • It wasn’t going to be supported with food stops and people shouting along the route
  • We couldn’t run due to shoulder (Ellie) and knee (me) injuries stopping us from training before the event
  • We wouldn’t get a medal (arggh!)

There were quite a few incredible ‘imperfections’ that we realised from saying yes to this adventure anyway:

  • Our bodies can do amazing things as long as we believe in ourselves and support each other
  • Because we walked (not ran) the 33 miles, we were able to chat and catch up on everything we have missed by not seeing each other for 6 months
  • At a walking pace we saw heron, deer, igrit and amazing parts of the countryside that we might not have noticed if we had run
  • We were self sufficient and carried our own food and water….which made the Fish and Chips ate the end taste even better
  • We have a totally new perspective on how important adventures are, no matter how imperfect
  • We were met by Ellie’s kids and husband who had brought us Champagne and told us how amazing we were – family is an amazing thing.

There are so many reasons to say no to adventures….

  • No time
  • Not the right time
  • Wrong weather
  • Lack of perfect kit
  • Fear of looking daft
  • Fear of not achieving exactly what you want to

What this weekend taught me is that if we embrace the changes, don’t worry about the fact we can’t run and made the very most of the imperfections along the way.

After a sleepless night from painful legs I almost didn’t stop for a swim in the sea on the way home. I thought I was too tired and I wouldn’t be able to swim like ‘normal’

Bugger that! I had the most amazing imperfect swim (dunk really) and power nap in the adventure truck at Teignmouth on the way home. As the Yes Tribe would say, SAY YES MORE.

The imperfect adventure is often the most perfect x

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