Taking my own advice…

This weekend was the inaugural ‘Find Your Flow’ weekend – the aim to help women become a bit more adventurous in life and on their mountain bikes.

I will start at the end….I got home after the weekend at about 7pm and promptly fell asleep in the bath, my whole body and my entire brain both buzzing and fatigued in equal parts. My son asked me today if I drowned, I happily confirmed I did not 🙂

Why was I so tired? Well, this weekend was the culmination of two years of reflection about what I wanted from life and then making that happen.

I have worked out (with the help of Jane from the awesome @quiet_the_hive) that my values centre around freedom, adventure, energy, growth and purpose. I worked out that I love supporting people – all of my job roles incorporate this and I take so much from them all. The one element that was missing was supporting people to be more adventurous and free; that’s what ‘Find Your Flow’ is all about.

The weekend involved hosting 7 amazing women from different parts of the country – the cooking, life coaching, bike riding, general organising and support needed to make it a life changing weekend for them. I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of this mega busy weekend and didn’t once feel tired or stressed.

The group of women were exactly what I expected – supportive, thoughtful, generous with their listening powers and empathic towards each other. A winning combination. They each created a plan to help them live this one life in exactly they way they want to, with their feelings and needs at the heart of it. They all progressed massively on the bikes with the support of the best coach we could have wished for, Rach from Pro Ride MTB and the support from each other.

SO WHAT JO??? Well, isn’t it interesting that I went away from this incredible, empowering and inspiring group of women and my first thought was…..‘What could I do better next time?’

Self reflection is an important part of life for anyone, but I whacked myself in the chops and told myself to write down all of the amazing things about the weekend. I also forced myself to read and re-read the heart-filling positive comments from the women in our shared whatsapp group (not a very humble, British thing to do hey!?) which made me feel confident that the weekend had been exactly what they needed. There is a time and place for identifying improvements, but that time isn’t now.

I whacked on some 80’s power ballads (Africa by Toto being my fav) and had a good old ‘joy cry’ in the van on the way home as I realised that I made this weekend happen and I took the brave steps to see it through, no matter how huge and scary it felt at times.

‘Right now’ is for realising and enjoying the fact that I have found my special place in the world, the place where I feel entirely ‘me’ and wholeheartedly fulfilled. How lucky am I?

Noe to self – take the advice you give to others and reflect on the positive first xx

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