Jo Lee – Finding your Flow.


^^^^ Some of the ways I have celebrated this week ^^^^ I am dropping by to let out some of the emotions I have been feeling over the last couple of weeks. I launched the first ‘Find Your Flow’ weekend for women to the public last week. My feelings started off with deep excitement…’I knowContinue reading “BUZZING!”

Adventurous People – Catherine Edsell

I feel deeply blessed to have met Catherine Edsell. She is an adventurer, conservationist and global expedition leader with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Catherine also recognises the importance of grassroots conservation and has worked alongside some of the worlds most pioneering biodiversity scientists in an effort to further our understanding of theContinue reading “Adventurous People – Catherine Edsell”

Awesome Women

This weekend I was lucky enough to join 9 amazing women on the Awesome Women’s retreat run by 3 amazing and inspiring women Jane, Lorna and Carrie-Ann (check them out, the work they do is so important). I nearly didn’t make it…..waiting for negative covid test results for my son, a tricky ex-husband and otherContinue reading “Awesome Women”

Adventurous Women

I want to understand more about how people become adventurous. Why? Well, in all of my roles I try to help people become more adventurous in whichever way they choose – by being a Coach, Education consultant (mainly creating curriculums for specialist provision schools) and as ‘Head of People’ for This Mum Runs. What’s theContinue reading “Adventurous Women”


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