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Hi! I am Jo. I am a Mum, Teacher, Wild Swimmer, Mountain Biker, Wild Camper, Adventurer, Head of People for the awesome This Mum Runs and have just written my first book!

I love helping people become more adventurous and hope that my series of books will do just that for young people.

My first book in the series is called Camp EPIC. Have a look and see what you think…..

Follow Charlie, Noah, Jasmine, Lily, Ellie and Penny who are heading off on school camp in North Wales. They have no idea that it will turn into……CAMP EPIC.

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You will receive a lovely, signed paperback copy of Camp EPIC with a personalised message from me, delivered to the UK. The cost below includes postage in the UK – I will ship to your paypal address on the 10th December – in plenty of time for Christmas – if you would like me to post it to a different address then just drop me an email as soon as you order. Please email me at to let me know who the book is for so that I can write a lovely message for them in the book 🙂 If you would like it shipped outside the UK please email me BEFORE purchasing to find out postage costs and I will get it all sorted for you! Just click to buy below….


A bit more about the Camp EPIC

Everybody’s brain is different and the same’ is the underlying theme of this book and helps readers explore how to be an adventurous, respectful, fun loving and supportive part of the human race. Camp EPIC is a beautifully illustrated adventure book designed to help young readers (aged 4 – 9) explore their adventurous side.

‘A blue sky was filled with a shining crimson sun. The day of camp arrived, the packing was done.
The kids were excited, but the teachers were scared. ‘I hope they all enjoy it’, the teachers declared.

The coach was rammed full with kids, ready to depart. Ellie was so excited, she did a big…….!
Charlie sat all alone at the front of the bus, less chance of being picked on, of causing a fuss.

Ellie and her friends sat on the seats at the rear, they shouted out a loud and excited CHEER!
“We’re off, we’re off, we’re heading for North Wales, the place for wild and adventurous tales.’

This book will form part of a series of 6 books (this is he first to be released), designed to support the learning of the ‘Personal, Social, Health and Economic’ content for KS1 (Reception, year 1 and year 2 at primary). For all you lovely parents out there, this basically means the ‘How to be a great and functioning human’ part of learning at school – the good bit!

The PSHE guidelines are an amazing tool, but sometimes hunting around for supporting literature can be hard (I know, I was a primary school teacher for a while).

That’s where the ‘EPIC’ books come in. In each book there is a series of useful questions that you can use to explore the concepts of being an amazing human, being safe in the world, having fun and being respectful and aware of others.

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