Draft done

I set myself a challenge after the last blog. To try and finish a draft of the first book by the end of July 😱 Well here it is, the 31st July and the first draft is done. Let’s be clear…this draft is scribbled in a notebook, barely readable and needs a ton of workContinue reading “Draft done”

Collaboration across the Nation

This week has been all about collaboration (across the nation…..my son loves saying that in a carribean accent, try it, it sounds amazing!) Anyway, collaboration…. I have been working across different projects at a rate of knots at TMR; packing and shifting the shop to a new fulfilment house with my mate Nic, working onContinue reading “Collaboration across the Nation”

Why am I here?

Writing a children’s book; a desire in my heart since I was young…which now seems to have unexpectedly crept into my brain too. Putting pen to paper to write the ‘most helpful, inspiring, adventurous and fun children’s book possible’ seemed a tad daunting so I decided to do two simple things to help me begin.Continue reading “Why am I here?”