Draft done

I set myself a challenge after the last blog. To try and finish a draft of the first book by the end of July 😱 Well here it is, the 31st July and the first draft is done. Let’s be clear…this draft is scribbled in a notebook, barely readable and needs a ton of workContinue reading “Draft done”

Collaboration across the Nation

This week has been all about collaboration (across the nation…..my son loves saying that in a carribean accent, try it, it sounds amazing!) Anyway, collaboration…. I have been working across different projects at a rate of knots at TMR; packing and shifting the shop to a new fulfilment house with my mate Nic, working onContinue reading “Collaboration across the Nation”

Practise makes progress

The last fortnight has been filled with practise, practise, practise in lots of different areas of life. From riding downhill mountain bikes with Ro and Olly to recruiting some talented young interns for This Mum Runs (TMR). I was blown away by the 60 odd applications for our internships at TMR, I had zooms (newContinue reading “Practise makes progress”

Adventures and Progress

It’s been a few weeks….lots has happened. We have had a ton of adventures; wild swimming with my boy (miracle as he hates cold water!), welly walk in the rain (and hiding in caves when it got torrential) and finding hidden mountain bike trails in the city centre of Bristol. Unsurprisingly, all of this hasContinue reading “Adventures and Progress”

Why am I here?

Writing a children’s book; a desire in my heart since I was young…which now seems to have unexpectedly crept into my brain too. Putting pen to paper to write the ‘most helpful, inspiring, adventurous and fun children’s book possible’ seemed a tad daunting so I decided to do two simple things to help me begin.Continue reading “Why am I here?”