Your Life Less Ordinary

Your Life LESS Ordinary

How would it feel to set yourself up for a year unlike any other? For a year in which you set goals and hit them. For year in which you ebb and flow effortlessly with the seasons; with your seasons. For a year where you are clear on your priorities, put yourself first and don’t feel guilty for doing so.

Join Jo and Jane for a weekend in beautiful surroundings with a group of like-minded women and the chance to lean out of your comfort zone and into micro-adventures; a weekend where you’ll create your life less ordinary.

About the weekend

Run over a weekend from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, this weekend gives you the chance to leave your other roles (no having to find lost socks this weekend – unless they’re yours!) at the door, and enjoy a weekend focussed on you.

Take time to explore your energies, your hopes and dreams, your values and your inner adventurer.

With great food, the opportunity for a wild swim (subject to weather!), story telling round the fire, and access to two skilled and experienced coaches (focussing on adventure and mindset) for the whole weekend, Your Life Less Ordinary is designed to recharge and refuel you.

Jane and Jo will guide you through a weekend of fun, connectivity and joy.

When you leave on Sunday, you will go back with a renewed sense of purpose, adventure and clarity (and a really bloody good goody bag of swag!) ready to take on your world.

What is included on the weekend?

  • Friday Night – Setting the scene, making new friends, nutritious food and a glass of something delicious.
  • Saturday – Masterclasses focussing on what matters to you, making brave choices, tapping into your inner mentor (aka your new best friend) and vision boarding. Story telling around the fire, walking in nature and building relationships.
  • Sunday – Planning your next steps and keeping on track and optional wild swim (but you’re SO going to want to)
  • After the retreat – 1:1 coaching session with either Jo or Jane to keep you on track and pick up any blockers your finding.

What else can you tempt me with?

  • Two nights accommodation in stunning surroundings
  • Delicious meals – Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
  • A glass of something fun on arrival and half a bottle of wine (or non-alcoholic alternative) at dinner on Saturday
  • Access to your adventure and mindset coaches for the whole weekend
  • Goody bag stuffed full of free swag
  • A whole new approach to life

Why should I come on the weekend?

Do you never seem to be able to find the time to get your head around what you want out of life?

Do you wish you could just slow the world down for a moment and live in the moment?

Want some time to regroup and get a moment to ensure you’re living your life with intention?

We can help you with that. Jane and Jo have created a weekend designed to tap into your inner mentor, get to the heart of what you want from life, and getting to grips with making braver choices to help you lean into the life you want. When you join us for the weekend you will leave with a clearer idea of what you want from life, a blueprint for getting it and connections who can make sure you don’t lose your way.

Masterclasses include…

  • Exploring and shaping your year
  • Making brave choices
  • Find your inner mentor
  • Vision Boarding

Themes woven throughout the weekend:

  • Seasonal Living – how to work with your energies and those of the seasons
  • Exploring and shifting your comfort zone to get the most out of life

The Venue

The weekend is set in the fabulous surroundings of the Brecon Beacons, in a beautifully renovated traditional Welsh longhouse and stone barn.

We are less than 10 miles from Henrhyd Falls, and opportunities for wild swimming abound! There is also an incredible lack of light pollution in the Brecon Beacons meaning we get to take in the fabulous night skies too.

The Catering

Our weekend will be catered by the amazing Ellie of Fearless Transformations. Ellie brings a healthy, seasonal approach to the kitchen with her nutritious creations that will nourish your body and soul.

Ellie’s ethos for Fearless Transformations comes from the belief that you can be the very best version of YOU whilst still keeping it real and having a good time!

Your Hosts


Jane is your mindset coach for the weekend. Jane is founder of @quiet_the_hive and helps women identify a life they love and then arms them with the toolkit and the confidence to go out and get it.⁠

Hi, I’m Jane, the Founder Director of Quiet the Hive. ⁠Quiet the Hive was born through a desire to do more to share the skills, confidence and wisdom that it’s taken me til my forties to develop. I have a particular interest in Imposter Syndrome, being a diagnosed sufferer myself! The more I can help women to claim their space and not be afraid of performing to their best within it, the happier I am!⁠

As a coach and facilitator, I support women to identify how they want to show up in the world, what they want, and then encourage them to go and get it. I have a demonstrable positive impact for my clients on their confidence, resilience and clarity.⁠

And a bit about me? Well, I did a lot of my growing up by the sea so it’s my favourite place to be. I have two boys who keep me both busy and laughing (when they’re not driving me to distraction!), and two brothers who are my rocks. My female tribe are super important to me and the strength of women is a driving force behind Quiet the Hive.⁠

I’m also a runner (you might have heard my running journey podcast episode) and will proudly flash my marathon medal at anyone who asks! I’m trying to decide whether I do an ultra next..!⁠ I should spend less on chunky jewellery, think peanut butter and chocolate is a great combo, and curling up with a good book is heavenly. I love cooking with loud jazz as a great way to unwind and I’m a self-confessed stationery addict!⁠


Our adventure coach is Jo Lee, founder of @infinite.pathways and one half of A Life Less Ordinary. Jo will be bringing all she knows about making decisions to bring adventure (whatever that means to you) into your life; and that’s a lot! ⁠

Hi! I’m Jo. Coach, Adventurer, Runner, Mountain Biker, Stand up Paddle Boarder, Wild Swimmer and Mum living in the UK.⁠

Since 2014 I have been consciously working towards making life work for me on every level; through coaching, changing roles, making time for my family and having loads of amazing adventures. It’s an ongoing journey, but one that I love every minute of.⁠

With 20 years experience in senior ‘People’ roles, I am passionate about supporting people to become more adventurous and find their own pathway through life.⁠

I do this through life and leadership coaching sessions and through amazing weekend retreats for women. These weekends combine adventure, relaxation, coaching, learning and connecting with other women on the same journey as you.⁠

I am a total water baby and love spending time in, on or under the water with other like minded souls.

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