Adventurous Women

I want to understand more about how people become adventurous. Why?

Well, in all of my roles I try to help people become more adventurous in whichever way they choose – by being a Coach, Education consultant (mainly creating curriculums for specialist provision schools) and as ‘Head of People’ for This Mum Runs.

What’s the best way to understand adventurous people and how they became adventurous? Have a natter with them, I reckon.

First up was the amazingly friendly, funny and adventurous Michelle Ellison. As you can see, I got a little excited when chatting to her – could have chatted all day. Her insights and ideas will be first up in the ‘Adventurous Women’ blog series I am about to publish, well worth a look.

Over the next few months (I have no idea how long it will take if I am honest!) I am chatting to other ‘adventurous’ women from loads of different backgrounds and what I am really trying to find out is:

Was anything different for them in childhood?

What made them adventurous?

What stopped them being adventurous before?

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Hopefully I can then bring together some common strands and apply and share this learning. I also fancy adding to these chats with some proper quantitive research, but I will hold my horses on that for now….

I will publish a post every fortnight about an adventurous woman I have spoken to, what they said, lessons we can learn from them and then I will draw it all together as a set of findings….maybe, if my brain will work at that decent a level 🙂

Watch this space for some awesome and inspirational stuff from these mega women.

P.S most of these women are just like me and you, so if you are planning an adventure or want to be more adventurous then make sure you follow this – they will give you some top tips on how to get started.

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