2020 – a year to remember

Wow, what a year. Unexpected, unique and all those other words people have been using to describe 2020.

I have been encouraging people in the Find You Flow community to try and reframe the year a bit and reflect on things they are grateful for. So here are the things I am grateful for:

  1. I got to spend time with my boys and learn new things like skateboarding. I am a pro now…..backflips next

2. I rediscovered my love for wild swimming. I have always loved swimming outdoors but have managed to do it pretty much once a week for the entire year. My mind and body feel better for it, especially each time I go for a dip with my mate Nic.

3. I have loved supporting women to become more adventurous and have been so grateful for the positive response to the ‘Find Your Flow’ weekends. A total dream come true for me – genuinely never thought this would happen.


4. I am beyond grateful to have this legend in my life. The AWESOME god daughter that is Elsie KA. She helped me with characters for the book, listened kindly (didn’t take the p%@s) when I read the book to her for the first time and gave me belly laughs on zoom calls during lockdown. She is going far and I can’t wait to be on some of that adventure with her. Thanks for providing me with an epic god daughter Ellie xx

5. I am so grateful for the support of awesome friends, my son and my partner that have allowed, encouraged and positively ‘forced’ me to do all of the above.


So, what are you grateful for? Head over to the Find Your Flow community and let me know.

Roll on 2021…..let’s see what you have got for us.

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